Souping it!

I was hungry.
Started a recipe.
Didn’t have all the ingredients.
Was NOT and did NOT go to the store.
Created my own concoction; used what I had.
Added extra to the crock pot, worked and went about my day.
Y’all that was the best soup ever! I ate two bowls!!!! (True story…. just ate my soap, haven’t even washed my bowl yet.)

Empty bowl of soup
Empty bowl of Hope’s chicken tortilla soup.

What does this have to do with you?

  • You often desire stuff… you’re hungry.
  • You start doing what you this is prescribed.
  • You aren’t like everyone else…. you aren’t made the same, don’t have the same ingredients or make up.
  • You have to use what you have. Your gifts, your talents, your skills.
    -You wait……
    -You wait…..
    -You wait!
    -If you’re wise, you allow the recipe to work itself while you are still progressing.
    -You wait…
    Then…… best “soup” ever!!!
    Have a double portion!
Bowl of soup
Not my soup… but it looks like my soup 😊

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now I want some soup!

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