More Thoughts on Vision

Picture of Anglo  young woman holding her right hand  over her eye

Yesterday I worked then spent the afternoon working on an outdoor project. After, I was tired, hot, smelly AND hungry! Have you ever been so tired you just lay on the floor and breathe? Well… that’s all I could bring myself to do. All the rooms in my house have ceiling fans and have been running on high. As I lay on the floor I realized… my AC is not running. Armed with my nifty flash light on my phone, I went outside in the DARK to flip the breaker. I flipped it a few times and it kept tripping. So I did what most country girls do next, I called my Daddy. He told me to do everything I already did, and stayed on the phone with me as I walked in and out of the house a few times to check to see if it worked. Nope. I told him I’d call an electrician in the morning.

So after cooking and becoming unsmelly… I went to bed without AC. I woke up this morning and logged to work on the my laptop. The lamp in my office wouldn’t come on. Sooooo… before calling some one to take my money, I thought, let me try again. I’m no quitter! In the daylight I was able to see and was probably a little more thorough. Guess what happened? My lights and air were on when I walked back in my house.

Thoughts to take away:

– Sometimes the environment will not allow us to see.

– Sometimes the environment causes fear. I needed to hurry to get back in the house. It was dark.

– It may be uncomfortable when readjusting or waiting for clarification. My thermostat read 82.

– Often a light bulb goes off and the answer to the issue is found… in you being relentless to find answers.

– Pray. Me and Jesus… we dialogue often. I told him I did not want to spend money on an AC electrical issue and prayed for protection and peace.

– Gratitude. Although I didn’t have AC last night, I am totally grateful the ceiling fan in my room turns super fast and for a home where AC potentially runs. Be grateful for the process.

Long story short… pray, have faith, learn, adjust, be grateful.

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