20/20 Vision

Picture of a brown eye

You don’t know you don’t know, until you know.

For years I was probably needed something to correct my vision, but I didn’t know, because I only knew what I saw. I didn’t know I didn’t know, until I knew.

I have always set in the front row or very close to the front row at school; when I got to college it was no different. My sophomore year, I was sitting in the front row of my Spanish II class (Dr. Short was the professor). He was writing on the dry erase board with a yellow dry erase marker. I couldn’t see a thing. I went to my dorm room and called my Daddy and he told me make an appointment at the eye doctor. I had never worn “real” glasses in my life. Heck I could see! Been seeing all my life! I got to the doctor, he did my exam and he asked me, “Did you drive here?” Ummmmmmmmm…. Yes…. what’s the problem? Again… I can see! So I thought. After my exam, I picked out my glasses and came back to pick them up. When I first put my glasses on I felt like I was floating and something was wrong. I got in my car and I could see things far in the distance. Drove around Abilene looking at signs! I remember being at Treadway and saying out loud… “People can see that?!!” I thought that you were suppose to be close to a sign to see it.

Right now, there are debates on if this is too much. Just like me, many are walking around without corrected lenses and are set in how things should be… because that is what you know. Just because it’s your prospective and your view, doesn’t mean it’s perfect (20/20). Are we willing to go to the optometrist (I for real had to go last week)? Once you place the new glasses on, you will think something is distorted, this is not possibly how things should look. Just like I had to drive around Abilene to view the sights… open your eyes, mind and heart to view the signs.

The same year in Spanish II, Dr. Short asked me to come to his office to discuss my performance in his class. In that meeting he asked me if I was dyslexic… I cried all the way back to my dorm room and called my Daddy. I then made an appointment with Dr. Fabrizo my advisor and he said… Hope, you want to go to graduate school right, so what would be the harm in knowing? You can get tested in the counseling Center. Dr. Flannigan, set me up to be tested and wouldn’t you know… I’m dyslexic. Yes Sophomore year came with tons for self realizations. Why is the dyslexia issue even play a role in this post? Keep reading… Even now as a well adjusted adult, if you write on a write board with red or yellow, without changing the color, I can’t see it. Glasses or not… I can’t process it.

So once you put your new lenses on… there may be other things obstructing your view. I wanted to see. So I took extra measures to make sure I could see. Will you take all the measures you can to see? I didn’t realize I couldn’t see until my sophomore year in college. I graduated, with honors, got into the college of my choice, was doing well in most of my classes, so for all intensive purposes, all was well with me. I just couldn’t see. You may be a parent, be older, have had lived experiences…. be well adjusted and not even know what your are seeing is not an accurate picture. Do you want to see? Or would you like to sit in the front row… with no sight? You can make the choice.

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