Unrest II


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I am:

  • A Follower of Christ
  • Black
  • An American
  • A Woman
  • From the South
  • The Daughter of a Police Officer
  • An Educator
  • A Mental Health provider

I was triggered knowing that my Dad was asked to go to work on his day off to assist with protest. I was triggered because I am… an individual who works daily to effectuate change in the lives of youth and hurt for Third Ward, Cuney Homes, Yates High School Alumni, Resurrection Houston, the family of George Floyd and the City of Houston but also hurt and the possibility of something happening to my Daddy due to misplaced rage. Some will say that I should be as outraged and the murder of an unarmed Black man in the custody of police. I mourn with those that knew Floyd personally and mourn for a daughter having to live without her father. I am tired of injustice. I am tired of racial biases. I am tired of oppression and I am tired of what seems like open season on Black People in this country. But as I see violent protestors, I see a life without my Dad at the hands of someone misguided and unaware. What would I do without my Daddy? The emotion that is evoked is fear, anger and sorrow; producing unrest for me.

I didn’t get in the bed until 5am this morning.  Processing pain and grief takes time and there is a lot to process.  I as am most of America, I am outraged.  I as most of America, I am hurt.  I didn’t rest because I grieve.  I grieve and I’m disappointed.  I grieve and I’m triggered. 

Sceptics and critics may see my thoughts as selfish.  I may not disagree.  But I can raise my hand to all the questions below:

You have played a role in cultivating youth in Third Ward, Sunny Side, Acres Holmes, Harlem Clark, Fifth Ward, or any area deemed “inner city”?

Have you shared the gospel with a young adult lately? 

 Have set with a mother after she has lost a son to gun violence? 

Are actively working to heal the community? 

Are actively working to mobilize power, resources and influence of a body of people?

Are you tired of the injustice of individuals that are black and brown? 


To make a difference, it’s important to:

  1. Organize
  2. Educate
  3. Create economic power
  4. Make changes under the noises of the systems that have oppressed you.
  5. Educate the “middle”  
  6. Influence and mobilize the “middle” to assist in making change
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