Free Your Mind

⁃ Will I be back in time for church?

⁃ I don’t have on my watch.

⁃ Woooo… if I get tired I would be able to stop.

⁃ This park is pretty close when you’re riding your bike.

⁃ I wonder who lives there.

⁃ I wonder what they did for a living.

⁃ They are probably retired.

⁃ That little girl just smiled at me.

⁃ She’s super cute.

⁃ This park is pretty big.

⁃ They have redone the playscape.

⁃ I wonder if the police department right there have people monitoring the park.

⁃ I think I want to ride on the Green Trail on the Bayou.

⁃ What was I thinking?

⁃ It’s humid today.

⁃ I am soooooo grateful.

⁃ If I keep riding I will be late for church.

⁃ Church is online. How can I be late? I can just watch the rebroadcast.

⁃ I think I’m loyal to a fault.

⁃ My clients are so funny.

⁃ My clients think I’m the best thing since slides bread…. I think my thoughts work to their benefit.

⁃ We didn’t have a Zoom meeting yesterday.

⁃ No one said anything.

⁃ Does family not value family or am I taking it personally?

⁃ There’s a stop sign on this trail. Let me stop so I don’t get run over.

⁃ If I got run over, I don’t have my ID, how would I be identified?

⁃ I like this trail.

⁃ Those condos going up…. the beginning of gentrification.

⁃ Home ownership is important.

⁃ In a few years renters will be ousted because investors are going to dangle lots of money to novice investors.

⁃ I need to hurry and pay off my mortgage!

⁃ They will tax out the older generation and bam… the “hood” becomes urban/inside the city limits/inside the beltway.

⁃ I wonder where this trail leads.

⁃ Let me text my parents.

⁃ I needed to stop.

⁃ This is beautiful!

– Beauty right under my nose!

– How many people’s spouse is right under their nose and they are oblivious?

⁃ It’s starting to sprinkle. Let me get home.

⁃ I can go this way. Not sure where it leads, but it looks like it goes to the main street.

⁃ Ummmmmm…. it looks like there are dogs back there.

⁃ Folks lied when they said travel the road less traveled. They must not have known there were dogs on the road.

⁃ Too funny.

⁃ Let me turn around.

⁃ What am I going to get my Daddy for Father’s Day?

⁃ I’m so grateful.

⁃ I don’t think I’m going to make the live session for church.

⁃ The Insta cart man is shopping!

⁃ I guess when I get home I’ll need to put up my groceries.

⁃ What am I going to eat?

⁃ I think I should stay on the trail verses take the street.

⁃ Looks like I’m taking the street.

⁃ People that run for office should use city services, heck ride their bikes with their families.

⁃ I wonder if they knew the sidewalks stopped if they would be concerned.

⁃ I think I will eat cereal.

⁃ This is a workout.

⁃ I wonder what would happen if I decided to try my hand in politics.

⁃ Changes need to be made.

⁃ Politics is a dirty sport!

⁃ How can we each individually make a difference?

⁃ I wonder why during the civil rights era people were more inclined to work together to make a difference.

⁃ There is too much trash on the ground.

⁃ There was very little trash on the green trail, but the city sidewalks are suffering.

⁃ What could I do with a law degree now?

⁃ I’m not sure if that’s something I’d like to tackle.

⁃ Been there, done that… I didn’t play the game well.

⁃ Almost home.

⁃ I wonder what these people driving by are thinking?

⁃ I wonder how many miles I have biked today.

⁃ I am so grateful.

⁃ I need to write a blog today.

When I exercise I clear my mind.

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  1. This is my mind all day! 🙂

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