Transparent Thursday- Rocky Faith

Okay… have you ever known God is able and capable but somewhat fearful if the, “What if he doesn’t?” If you’re fearful of the what if he doesn’t is that doubt? But you’re not doubting that He can you just don’t know if He will for you…. Understanding the sovereignty of God, He can if he chooses…. but that’s the thing… that’s where trust is important. I trust; but I what does that look like when you’re tired? What does that look like when you had an expectation? That stuff hurts! Folks walk around talking about “I’m blessed and highly favored…” all that is and can be true, but hurt is still real. Fear can still cause uncomfortable thoughts. I know some of you will say, “Oh No!!!!! I never doubt and I’m never scared!” LIES! I’m scared and I trust that God’s sovereign will will be done. Until he returns this nature will persist. What nature you ask; the nature that’s not perfect and often uncertain. But even in that nature I’m grateful. Grateful what my fears are, God’s grace covers them and they cover me and even my rocky faith… it’s covered. So while I may be rocky today, God’s grace is unwavering.

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