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Uncomfortably comfortable derailed

Last week I got on the rail to go to work. After two stops the Metro attendant that was riding the rail with us said, “There is a fire downtown, this rail will stop. You will have to get off and ride shuttles downtown.” Some people begin to moan, cuss and became visibly irritated. I got off the rail and pulled out my nifty-difty phone with my Uber app. I waited for my Uber as people walked by disgruntled. I even saw a few people going to the same building and offered for them to join me in my Uber, they said they were going to walk. My though… suit yourself, it’s a little chilly out. I made it to work, safe and sound.

I went to work, worked and didn’t think about the fire downtown until…I got off work, paid my fare for the rail, walked to the platform and was greeted by three metro workers informing me that the fire that was burning this morning is still burning, all rail passengers will need to be transported by bus to the nearest transit center were we could board the rail. I walked with a few others to the bus stop, where others were already standing.

When the bus arrived, we found that the bus was full; full of people from all walks of life. In life we plan what we want to do, our planned destination. We have an idea of the direction we’re going. We know that there will be stops and delays. But what happens when there’s a fire? What happens when there is a major illness, a death, you get fired?? Do you complain, cuss, fuss, Uber, ride the bus or walk? All the modes I just listed are figurative. How do you maneuver life? I’m on this bus called life… in my suit and heals (degrees and certifications) but was a gentleman standing behind me with a yellow neon vest on and is name stitched in his work shirt. No one, no matter who you are gets to bypass life or the stops and detours it brings.

The driver drove fast! I was almost scared. Heck I was scared! I wasn’t in control. We arrived at the transit center and had to walk a block to the rail that was running. When I arrived to the rail platform, the platform was full of people going the same way. Again, the rail was packed, diversely packed.

In life there isn’t much difference. We get derailed, we adjust and how everyone responds, is as different and diverse as the individual. No matter how much passengers complained, a few things thing never changed: The need to get to your desired destination or the fact that everyone had to adjust. It’s life…

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  1. Richard Dale Bailey says:

    You know I traveled every year across country. The destination was important but not as important or pleasurable as the journey itself. Just relax, as you apparently did, and go with the flow. abairi.rb1955


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