Black and white photo with landscape in the background of a  officer

My Daddy sent me this picture about a year ago. He said one of his fellow trooper snapped it. When I see this I see a number of things…

1. Authority vs. Peace… just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I see a uniform and a gun… but he’s at peace.

2. You can become accustomed to what others deem as beautiful and see it as common. See beyond that gate and lawn is the governor’s mansion, people come from near and far to see it, but he’s not phased… because he sees it daily. Husbands, employees… don’t let what is awesome become unappreciated (a great boss, an awesome wife…).

3. Take a break! In life you have to step away every once in a while.

4. People are always watching. Daddy sent me this picture and said a fellow trooper snapped it. People see what you do, they may not say anything… they take note and a mental picture. Does what you say equate to how you live?

5. Communication is important. I wonder if he was reading my random “You’re the best Daddy ever” text. Yep I send them randomly. My Daddy needs to know he’s awesome. Perfect? No! Gets on my nerves? Yes! Who God blessed me with to guide and teach me? Yes.

6. Life changes people. That uniform that my Dad wears is not the uniform he wore when he raised me. For 20 years his uniform was a Fire Department uniform. I think I liked the job, the people and the hours better at FD. But I love my Daddy… that won’t change. So think about how someone in your life has changed/transitioned to something new. They need your unconditional love! Heck The fire department afforded me my first car, college, random stuff… we didn’t have a lot but I never wanted. So when my parents came to my dorm room with “news”… of retirement I was sad and a little mad. Now looking back… my Daddy was 40. I now can see why he would up and change up. I turned 40 this year and maybe I should do something drastic too. 🤷🏽‍♀️

7. Black and white is beautiful! Just be honest. Folks try to blur thoughts and beliefs… just be honest (black and white), it’s much more becoming.

8. Work…. my parents believe in working! You get a job and you work! While education is important, you can be smart without a degree. But you’re not wise if you don’t have a job. My Daddy graduated from college when he was 40 something… I think 48. He is super smart! And if he doesn’t know it, he would find it out. When we were little we had to submit book reports about African American scientists, authors, investors…. during the summer, dang near weekly. Library visits were often. Every vacation, there was an educational component (museum, etc). But they went to work every day. Not many people retire at forty. Yes he went back to work, could have retired years ago, was set to retire last year and changed his mind. Go to work!

9. Stay protected! In this picture Daddy is protected by the shade that you see. But he is also protected by a the bullet proof vest you don’t see. Protect your self from the enemy you know and even the ones you don’t! (Let that one sink in!)

10. Be exactly who God called you to be! Daddy is not posing or smiling for the camera, he is being… him… authentically. In order to do that it’s important to know who you are and who’s you are. That boils down to faith alone. Do you know the one who provides you with eternal life?

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