Why now.. II

Picture of Dr.Hope Pamplin

Why now… part II

Believe me or not… a persons testimony can be powerful.

How many times do we go to the doctor or enter a relationship and think, “I wish I would have known that.” The I wish I knew that comes to me when I find out a relative had a medical issue and they chose not to share, while I fill out that medical history forms and I can’t answer. There are things that could have been avoided. How about in relationships… you react in anger and you don’t understand why. Well… how did your parents and your parents parents respond to disappointment, fear or hurt? Was there a lack mentality and you desire wholeness? Sharing Hope with the world is an attempt to provide an avenue to discuss and to inquire. Heck… you can always blame it on a blog, right? So begin asking questions and blame it on this new blogger named Dr. Hope! As I share my life, my experiences both personally and professionally, it is my prayer that my story propels you to become…


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  1. calhouns2013 says:

    Hi Hope. I’m following.

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  2. Fredrick Portis says:

    Very creative.

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