When life blows….

My last post was regarding the great time I had with my family at the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and how it’s important to realize all good things take time. Well… sometimes life blows! As we were returning from our trip, we had a blowout on the trailer that was attached to the back of the RV and carrying the car. This could have been fatal. I realize that… the gratitude that I have is indescribable. When I got back to the house, after a visit to the nice people at Tractor Supply in Lampasas, Texas to buy a new tire, replacing the tire, I talked to my Dad who echoed gratitude. If I had been driving I’m not sure you’d be reading this post. See my Dad was driving. He’s undergone countless hours of driving training. He was suited for the situation. I had just woke up from a nap and asked my Dad if he wanted to trade, so I could give him a break. In my dad’s stubborn fashion, he insisted that I’d rest so that I wouldn’t be tired for my drive back home. My Dad insisted on everyone getting out of the RV and going home. He was going to do everything by himself. I’m usually a pretty obedient child (smirk)… but when people you love are in need, I’ve never been good at leaving them to hurt alone. I did a little fussing, then reminding my Dad that the Bible says two are greater than one, then asked again if he wanted me to help. He said no. So my mom and I got in the car and drove straight to Tractor Supply, were there was knowledgeable and very helpful people. We took the tire back to my Dad… and he just shook his head and said thank you, I’ll see you at the house.

Some things to ponder….

1. We don’t know best.

2. Life is fleeting.

3. Sometimes we don’t understand why we have been spared. God’s grace is amazing. The response to grace is gratitude!

4. Sometimes it’s best to do what you know is best. My Dad would have and could have, unhooked that trailer, went to get the tire in the RV, drove back to the trailer up the tire on, then reattached the trailer to the RV… but why? I believe my goal and role calls me to be a servant and love how I’d like to be loved.

5. My Dad’s training came into play when he least expected it. He wasn’t at work… he was on vacation. Your vocation, training and skills can make a difference in the lives of generations, even when it isn’t planned.

6. After you’ve been spared, life goes on. I went to work, and everyone is back to doing their normal daily routine. It’s important that grace stays on your mind, so that gratitude can follow.

7. I was disobedient. It was best. I know that’s usually not a thing. I’m grown, and I still remember one the verses my parents made sure I knew, “Children obey your parent, in the Lord for this is right.” Eph. 6:1. I let my parents know on a regular basis, that I’m grown, but I try my best to honor them in how I love, give, support and live. I love them more than I even know… so my Daddy lacking support… not an option.

8. Sometimes a great time is followed by a tire bursting moment. Do you get back on the road, wait or cry? I had places to be

9. I’m so thankful for provision.

10. What will people say about you when you’re no longer here?

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