Good things take time

pictures of hot air balloons

Good things take time!

This weekend my family and I attended the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We drove hours, to get to Albuquerque, then woke up super early to watch the initial assertion of the balloons. There was an extreme wait. The walk from the car to the gate was long. We walked around the festival to find a nice place to watch the balloons soar. On the way to the park, that we spent so much time getting to, my mom and aunt stopped to visit a vendor to buy cute socks (of all things… socks). We waited… I figured while we were waiting for them, we should make the best of it and take pictures! (I’ll take a picture anywhere!)

We found a place to place our folding chairs. My Dad placed them in a spot where no one else had chairs. I questioned, “Why here”? Me being sarcastic, my next statement was, “I guess the people standing around us just don’t have chairs.” My Dad’s resonates replied, said, “Yep.” and kept unfolding, unbothered by the people beside or behind us. We sat in front of a balloon that was preparing to sail. We waited… and waited….and waited. We witnessed balloons in the distance and balloons blowing up. The the balloon we were sitting in front of… no movement. The balloon crew was preparing! I’m sure they were there before I arrived and well after I left. They probably prepared for months for this one day. The team was friendly, well coordinated, talented, brave… and unique.

The balloon we sat in front of, was the most beautiful, unique, colorful balloon I’d ever seen. It had patterns and according to the cards the teams handed out to festival attendees, the patterns on the balloon and the balloon are associated with math and science.

Not a surprise to the balloon crew… but a pleasant surprise to patrons, the balloon went up in front of our eyes, it rose, ready to take off. Full! Beautiful! Amazing! It was then my family looked around and felt that this was all worth it. The travel, the lines, the walk from parking… it was worth it!

We all have things we have prepared for… marriage, career, children, school… we spend time toiling, growing, learning, so that we can soar in these areas of our life. While at the festival I noticed, balloons going up and a few flying. Some came up, people cheered then they came down. Your progress is YOUR progress! All good things take time. I wore a graphic tee with that quote today, and had no clue today’s post would demonstrate the need to rest in knowing, good things take time. Don’t hurry because your friends are in a relationship or married. Don’t rush the process of a career, a friendship or having children because that’s what others want or except from you.

After a few balloons were released, a fog came through the area. All the balloons were grounded and from that point on, no one could take off. In life… we can be ready, prepared and then a “fog” of life happens! What do you do? What happens when others prolong your process? I employ you to enjoy the view, learn from your experience…. be cute, inspire others and have fun doing it. The balloon crew were nice… and without even knowing they inspired. Do you inspire? You could have done everything right and still be grounded. Let that sink in.

Don’t be afraid to be different!

Do you compare yourself to others? Their pace, success, status? Why? It’s possible for everyone to soar!

How are you handling yourself doing your wait period? Do you walk in grace? Are you beautiful (mentally and emotionally)? We waited to see balloons… the teams were in preparation. Are you in preparation while you’re waiting?

Good things take time!

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  2. Joann says:

    The balloon fest is one of the most magical events I’ve ever experienced, and most memorable from my time living there. Thanks for sharing

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    1. I enjoyed it! Thanks for taking the time to read… share and follow 🙂

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