Dr. Hope

I typically give homework to clients asking them to tell me who they are… Well I guess it’s my turn to tell you who I am, I am a country girl that grew up with young hard working parents who raised me to love people, showed me the love of Christ daily, and showed me what it looked like to give. Because of the example set by my parents I love to no end, I give to no end and I work like none other. As this blog begins to take off, you will also find out that Dr. Hope is:

  1. A therapist
  2. An educator
  3. A youth ministry crazy lady…. I’m so serious!
  4. A speaker
  5. An author
  6. Dyslexic
  7. Living with Endometriosis
  8. Full of ideas ….
  9. Never finished growing
  10. Never done!

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